When a person has decided to change their behavior and get out of the life style of drug addiction, three things need to happen for that individual.
  1. They need a safe, clean and sober environment where they can hang out.
  2. They need to find a new set of people to hang out with that are not using.
  3. They need to develop new hobbies to occupy their minds with.

“Today is a very exciting day, July 15, 2011,  we will never forget.”


“Ever since what started in 1998 – This is a big thing!”


“We have a place we can call home.”


“Saved my life…”


“Miracles Club is going to be here for a while. We aren’t going anywhere.”


“700 Killingsworth — That’s the original location This is where I first started trying to get clean.”


“This is a historical day, this IS a miracle.”


“Looking at what was and moving forward to what is…”


“Its historical, its such a blessing to be here from over there.”


“If People what to make that next step in life they can come here….”

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